Wednesday, December 1, 2010


trying to be sophisticated with his bowtie...The real Livvy's is rockin' his army wear, always toting around some weapon, be it a sword or a gun, wrestling with his bro's (and sis), always outside making fires and whatnots with his Pops and Uncles, and acting like he's the man of the house, way beyond his measly four years...Is it weird to say I would trust this kid with my life? He's just that capable.

A crazy chap with a gentle soul nephew Livingstone (or Bivs, Bivvy's, Divs, Livers, Livvy, Liv, Divvy etc etc...)



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Hollz said...

I wonder how sick of this line Livingstone will get by the time he's 10..."what's your name? What? Do they really call you Livingstone? Hmmm..that's..umm, different". Yeah, yeah,'s a long name. Get over it. Sorry he's not a Bob, Tim or Tom, sorry. What a blessing he is to our family. I love him dearly.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of Livingstone. He is just cute sweetness! And Holly you are beautiful!
Aunt Cynthia

Melissa said...

yes, we do have a handsome bunch! I'm a little jealous of how much he loves his Uncle Sean, though

Unknown said...

That is pretty much the best name EVER! LOVE the pictures. His Mommy is so pretty : )

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