Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...I signed the lease for my first apartment tonight. Have to say...I'm so flippin' excited! Just a short post to let you know I'm still here...and hopefully will have some pics up of the new place! Now..lets just hope me and Lauren don't kill each other in the first month! Lol



yeah, yeah, yeah...Maps Holly said...

is that amber's winder sill??? it sounds quite fun for you, moving out. i'm sure you will turn into a waif from only eating SCRAMBLED EGGGGGGGSSSS!!! (burnt ones at that, too). So,i guess its the end of Aunt Noelle's slumber parties at my sad. Yittle Noles is all grown oop.

Anonymous said...

I saw your photos on Susan Lopez's site and they are gorgeous. I looked for your contact info on your site and I couldn't get to it. I would love to talk when you have a moment. Please email at when you have a moment - thanks!

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